About Your Teacher

Hi my name is Emma.  I'm a chocolate loving, wine drinking, meat eating yogi and I believe that life is all about balance.  I believe that nothing is definitively good or bad, a little bit of everything is what keeps us motivated, nourished and happy.

I aim to find that balance within the classes that I teach, you'll find a little bit of Yin (feminine,calm cooling energy) and a little bit of Yang (masculine, energising and heat building energy).

You'll learn how to align your body as best you can to safely practice the yoga asana's (poses). You'll learn to breathe more deeply, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest system), helping to promote self healing.  You may even experience a giggle or two through out the classes.


Emma is a Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher receiving her qualification from The Yoga Room in Dublin.  She is also a Certified Expert Level 3 Personal Trainer

Yoga is Emma's passion and love. She qualified in 2012 and since then has continued to up-skill.  She worked in David Lloyd's Leisure Club, Dublin for 3 years as a personal trainer and fitness instructor.  After qualifying as a yoga teacher she moved to Perth, Australia for two years where she met some amazing teachers that encouraged and supported her as a new yoga teacher.


Emma returned home to Ireland in 2013 in the midst of a recession. Unable to find work, she decided to start teaching classes in the local hall which led to the opening her own quaint studio in Monaghan Town. Emma hasn't looked back since.

Emma has completed 64 hour Diploma in Yoga for Pregnancy in 2014

64 hour qualification for Postnatal Mum & Baby Yoga 2015.

In March 2017 Emma met one of her Yoga Idol's Jason Crandell when she attended his 3 day Yoga Teacher Renewal Workshops in TriYoga London.  One thing she regrets is not asking him for a photo!

Most recently Emma received a 64 hour qualification in Children's Yoga in Dec 2018 and 64 hour qualification in Yoga for Teens in January 2019 in The Elbow Room, Dublin.

In addition to Emmas qualifications, weekend workshops have been part of her professional development which include; Yoga for Back Care, Yoga for Sports and Introduction to Yoga Therapy. It doesn't end here, she has her eye on many other courses and is excited about what the future will bring.

Emma Costelllo


Tel: 087-212-4644