Beginners Yoga

These classes are about building a solid foundation in basic yoga poses. The class puts emphasis on developing strength and flexibility, proper breathing, relaxing and de-stressing. 

Mixed Level Yoga

These classes accommodates a wide range of experience levels from beginner to students that have practiced for a long period of time. 

New to Yoga

New to Yoga is a class designed for complete beginners and yoga students who wish to deepen the foundations of their own yoga practice

Gentle Yoga

This Class is designed for older or stiffer people in mind.   

The class includes simple moves to bring the joints through a full range of movement to develop functional flexibility

Pregnancy Yoga

Prepare for childbirth through gentle yoga poses and breathing exercises It is a great opportunity for mothers-to-be to connect and discuss their growing babies and changing bodies. 

Mum & Baby Yoga

Becoming a new mum can be an exciting and challenging time.  This class is designed to help mothers build back strength and tone in the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. 

"31% Reduction in feelings of anxiety that pregnant women experience after just one prenatal yoga class"        Yoga Journal via Depression and Anxiety Journal

Children's Yoga

In yoga for kids we practice yoga asanas (poses) through stories which not only has physical benefits but also helps maintain their creativity and imaginations.  

Fat Burning Fitness Class

This is a six week fitness class, its a mixture of cardio and weights this combination helps to burn fat and build strength at the same time.....




Due to the current circumstances to help reduce and slow down the spread of the Coronavirus the studio will be closed for the foreseeable fututre but do not fear some classes will be held in St.Joseph's Hall in Monaghan Town and The Ulster Canal Stores in Clones.

Check out the timetable for current classes


Wednesday Evening 7pm Vinyasa and Friday Morning 10am or being held live online every week

Health and Happiness Emma x

You will have 10 weeks to use a 6 Class Card Pass and 16 weeks to use a 12 Class Card Pass 

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