Downward Facing Dog - Ardho Mukha Svanasana

            Benefits of Downward Dog



  • Its energising - Wakes you up its one of the best poses you can do when you feel fatigued. Its recommended to hold it for one minute to bring back lost energy from a run.

  • It builds bone density as it helps to build upper body strength to help preserve bone strength which in turns helps to us to avoid osteoporosis.

  • It boosts circulation as the heart is above the head it encourages blood flow around the body. Circulation is important for our immune system as it helps to flush out toxins.

  • Stretches the entire back of the body

  • Develops whole body strength and flexibility

  • Strengthens and tones upper body and arms

  • Opens chest and shoulders

  • Improves upper back posture


"Downward-Facing Dog is the salt of yoga, sprinkled intermittently throughout class from beginning to end.  Just as pinches of salt enliven a dish, so Downward Dog enlivens your body from your hips to your spine to your fingers and toes - making you feel more vibrant and alive, even spicer.  As you discover the nuances of the pose, you'll find it gets deeper and more favourful, so you savor it more"

    Jason Crandell, YJ article, Get Down Dog 

If hamstrings are tight         or pelvis is not rotating, bend knees & lift sit bones to bring a natural curve to the low back & length along the side body. Extend heels down & lift arches up.

For Advanced lift one leg     of the floor.  Try and move from the core, staying with the breath. Keep your hips sqaure. Its not important how high the leg is.

           Who Should Avoid Downward Facing Dog


  • People with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and;

  • People with High Blood Pressure


Alternative Poses

  • Balasana (childs pose) 

  • Puppy dog or;

  • 1/4 dog (if you also have tight              shoulders)

               Puppy Dog (Above)




1/4 Dog (left)

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