& Essential Oil Workshop

Opening Our Hearts and Minds with Yoga and doTerra Oils

This workshop will focus on hip openers, backbends, pranayama (breath work) and meditation along with essential oils to enhance each section of the yoga practice.

Essential oils not only provide a wonderful aroma, they are reowned for their ability to promote spiritual focus, enhance mental clarity and emotional well being.  Essential oils can bring balance to virtually every system in the body.  This is why yoga and essentail oils go so well together. For thousands of years it has been proven that yoga provides emotional benefits as well as the physical benefits we often associate with it.  Yoga reduces feelings of aniexty, stress and depression and it increases feelings of self acceptance, calmness and balance.  Adding essential oil into your yoga practice can bring about a profound healing mind-body experience.

I am pretty new to essential oils myself I was introduced to them this year at a yoga retreat, and it was such a wonderful experience that I invited the teacher Sinead O'Connor from Hush Yoga Dublin ( to come down to Monaghan for a workshop.  She is so passionate about these oils that you will learn so much.

"doTerra oils are essentially the power, beauty and love of Mother Nature condensed into very concentrated form of oils.  The effects are almost instantaneous when using therapeutic grade organic oils. The oils assist in healing, uplifting and calming.  When using on a regular basis along with a wellbeing plan one can experience inner peace, joy and self love.  We can gain instant benefits and effects from using such a potent oil because healing properties are that powerful... I love using them myself, and they tie in so well with each aspect of the yoga practice.  I feel very enthusiastic about bringing them to you so you can experience just how wonderful they are. "

Sinead O'Connor

This is Sineads very special and powerful workshop.  Introducing more advanced pranyama (breathing) exercises to strenghten the mind, energy body and to move towards peace, harmony and joy.

Sinead has alot to cover and she needs the full day to through it all it is recommended that you attend the full day to receive the full benefits.  However we know this isn't always possible, therefore if you can't do the full day you the have option of attending only the morning session or the afternoon session.

Where:   St Joseph's Pastoral Hall, Monaghan Town

When:    Sunday the 2nd October 2016

Time:    10:00  - 16:30 

Am:       Dymanic Vinyasa Flow - 10:00 - 13:00 

Pm:       Yin Style Restorative Practice - 14:00 - 16:30

Price:    €70 Full Day

               €45  Morning Session

               €35  Afternoon Session

Morning Session: 10am - 1pm

A Dynamic Flowing Sequence focusing on hip openers and backbends. These are wonderful asansas to work with to open up our heart centre, helping us to release emotions like fear, grief and sadness so that we can continue to move through our lives from a place of love.  Sinead will use essential oils to enhance each aspect of your morning yoga practice.


Afternoon Session: 2pm - 4:30pm

Deepen your practice with yin style yoga.  A slower paced yoga practice that allows us to slow down in order to recharge and restore the body and mind.  This session will teach us to throughly let go as we surrender into asanas.

Practice Bija (seed/chakra) mantras to help balance our yin and yang energy.  You will feel deeply relaxed after this session again with the use of essential oils making you feel sooo good after. 


This workshop is suitable for all levels, you have options to advance your asana practice or pull back and take it easy.   Both sessions will begin and end with meditation.  Both sessions complement each other and I'd highly recommend that you do both if you can, you won't regret it.

Emma Costelllo

Tel: 087-212-4644