Sat 15th September 2018

10am - 1pm   |    2:00pm - 4.30pm


A Workshop with Niamh Daly:


Finding Balance Between Progression and Contentment

Morning Workshop - €40         |         Afternoon Workshop - €35          |          Full Day - €60


In this workshop you will learn how to move better in YOUR Body and in your Yoga practice.


Morning Practice:  We all want to progress in yoga and in our personal lives so in the morning workshop you will search for stability within the structure of your body and work as closely as possible to your natural range of motion.  Rather than pushing and pulling like a game of tug of war between the mind/ego wanting to progress quicker and the body not yet ready to go deeper.  You will learn to balance the load throughout the whole body within your yoga postures and you can begin to play in your practice... finding ease-fullness in your state of mind and body so that they can work in harmony with each other as we grow and progress.

Throughout the 3 hour morning workshop there will be opportunities to pause the practice to fine tune certain asana's to enable you to deepen your practice and your awareness within the limits of your body, finding peace and contentment with where you are in your practice today.


Morning Workshop €40

10am - 1pm

Afternoon Practice: The afternoon workshop is Yin Yoga giving you the opportunity to find stillness and a sense of contentment in a deeply nourishing practice that features elements of mindfulness and emotional acceptance.  This practice will include long held poses that offers time for the muscles to relax so the ligaments, tendons, fascia and joints can experience what muscular contraction shields them from and you will search for ways to honour your current state, moment by moment, honouring softness over effort.

This workshop also helps to nourish the meridian lines which in Chinese Medicine are believed to be the pathways through which life energy (qi) flows. 

You will be offered a safe and nurturing environment as you begin to soften and release deeply held physical, mental and emotional tensions. After this workshop you will come away feeling deeply at peace with where you currently are in your physical, mental and emotional self.


Afternoon Workshop €35

2:00pm - 4:30pm


Who is this Workshop For?

  • Suitable for Everyone as long as you can easily get up and down of the floor.

  • If you have injuries, it is the perfect opportunity to explore and understand the limitations within your own body and how to work with them.

You can take each workshop separately; however, they complement each other on a deep level so it is highly recommended that you treat yourself to the full day at a discounted price of €60

Meet Niamh

Niamh has being teaching yoga for 15 years and has a flowing style with moments of stillness and focus to ensure detail in each pose before allowing you to return to the rhythm of your practice.  She prioritizes the proper alignment of the spine influenced by the Alexander Technique.  Her aim is to allow the body to what it was designed to do, reasonable but at optimum capability.

Niamh's teaching is primarily the physical (asana) practice as a basis of healthy body ad mind with breathwork as a constant element.

Niamh's primary goal is to help you find a practice that is safe for your body while challenging you to become stronger, more open and more relaxed.

If Niamh looks familiar is because she played Debbie in Fair City

Emma Costelllo

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