Take Flight in Bakasana (Crow Pose)

June 1, 2017

June Pose of the Month

Bak (Crane) asana (Pose)

Level: 1 - Beginners advancing to intermediate



Bakasana is often referred to as Crow Pose but really is called Crane Pose, the difference is Crow has bent elbows and Crane is with straight arms. Crow is one of the first arm balances that a yogi will encounter and it sets the foundation for many other arm balances.  This is a great pose because it is accessible, you can do all of the actions required without lifting your feet off the floor.

There is a real sense of adventure with this pose, the idea of standing on our hands can sometimes seem quite alien to a lot of people or even totally out of reach for others but there is this underlying sense of curiosity and wonder; the possibility of just maybe I can do it  or I can at least try.



  • Improves mental focus and sense of calm

  • Improves concentration

  • Strengthens the sacral (2nd) chakra - therefore with practice and time it can help us to connect to our feelings, emotions and creative energy 



  • Strengthens the wrists, arms and shoulders

  • Strengthens inner thighs, abdominals and core

  • Stretches the upper back

  • Opens the groin and tones the abdominals



  • Digestion




  • Carpel Tunnel

  • Sciatica

  • Slip or bulging disc

  • Wrist or shoulder injury



  • Place a cushion under your face as fear can be a big factor in not going as far as you need to.

  • Lift one foot at a time and get used to more weight being on your hands

  • Rather than thinking "lifting up into it", think "lean into it"

  • Think chaturanga arms

  • Practice plank and chaturanga to build strength  

  • Look forward - your head helps to counterbalance the weight of your hips





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