Sunday 19th November

1pm - 3pm


There is a point in everyone's life when we will experience anxiety and unhealthy stress.  Unfortunately it can't be avoided, however we can learn to manage and deal with it in the best way that we can.  Different techniques work for different people and we may even need to use more than one technique to help us overcome more stressful periods in our life.  One of these techniques is through yoga and mediation.

This 2 hour workshop won't be all doom and gloom but instead we will use the yoga practice to help us regulate breathing and stay grounded and connected to the earth.  Alot of anxiety and stress comes from our fears of what might happen, these things haven't happened yet and may never happen, so the purpose of this workshop is to focus on whats really happening in your body and whats really happening in the moment so that you can stay grounded in reality. 


What Can I Expect ?

  • Welcome and introduction

  • Opening meditation

  • Slow flow, grounding physical vinyasa practice

  • Simple repetitive movements

  • Therapeutic essential oils will be used to enhance your experience

  • Finish with deep relaxation

Who is this Workshop For?

  • Everyone! - If  you currently experience panic attacks, feeling of anxiousness, feeling overwhelmed or stressed with everyday life or work!  

  • Even if you don't experience that feeling of being overwhelmed you will still benefit.  The more that  we practice being grounded and awake to the present, the more capable are are to deal with things when they don't go the way that we expect it to.

  • If you just need a little bit of space for yourself this workshop is for you.

Please feel free to contact me (Emma: 087 212 4644) if you have any questions.  You may even feel a like anxious about the very idea of being within a group or starting something new but please know that the yoga room and your yoga mat is a safe place and maximum numbers available in the workshop is 16 so small enough to be intimate and large enough to feel anonymous if you wish!



This Week Only from Tuesday the 10th October - 17th October 2017 - Be in with a chance to win a free place in this workshop. Just click on the picture below to enter.

Emma Costelllo

Tel: 087-212-4644