Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is a very gentle and calming class, provided in a supportive, welcoming and nurturing environment and is suitable for all levels of yoga experience.  


The class includes a lot of breath-work to help you physically prepare for labor and to mentally help you deal with undue stress and your ever changing body.  


We also do gentle movements to help relieve swelling and stiffness associated with pregnancy.  Some standing poses are included to help build strength and stability in the legs and pelvis to help support the body hold the weight of your growing baby.  


The class finishes with a long relaxation to give you to time to bond with your baby.  

The class provides many benefits to pregnant women and their unborn baby. Some of which include: Improving muscle tone and strength, enhances well-being and mood, promotes a healthy pregnancy, helps to improve posture, focuses the mind, and more importantly helps lead to an easier labour.

No previous yoga experience is necessary to take part in these pregnancy classes as they are designed specifically for the ever changing pregnant body.


Hi Emma I look forward to getting back to your yoga classes with helping me through a more relaxed pregnancy and birth to which I am very grateful. Namaste x


Emma I just wanted to thank you again for passing on your skill and knowledge which helped me so much during my pregnancy labour - it was invaluable.  I ended up doing it without epidural so without all your coaching on breathing technique that wouldn't have been possible. Keep up the good work




"31% Reduction in feelings of anxiety that pregnant women experience after just one prenatal yoga class"

Depression and Anxiety Journal

Class Times

Next 6 Week Course

2nd March - 6th April 2021



19:00 - 20:00


Drop in class available on-line €10

Classes via Zoom, link will be sent to your email

Emma Costelllo

Tel: 087-212-4644