Partner Yoga Workshop

Partner Yoga 


.Partner Yoga is two people using each other's body to deepen your experience of common yoga poses while feeling the support of each other.

This 2.5 hour workshop does not require you to bring someone along although you can if you wish. In the first half of the class you will practice a nice flow to warm-up the body and and prepare it for more expansive back-bends and deeper forward folds that partner yoga provides.


Partner Yoga is fun and very informal.  In general when we practice yoga it is to achieve a sense of peace, stillness, perhaps self reflection and self awareness.  Partner Yoga on the other hand requires a new set of skills; such as communication, awareness of others, and a sense of  co-operation outside the self. 

We'll begin with both low-intensity trust building standing partner poses and build up to more high intensity "flying" poses and finish with low-intensity seated/lying partner poses to calm and prepare us for Savasana. 

Benefits of Partner Yoga

Why Practice Partner Yoga?

1. Improves Communication - Practicing yoga together involves listening to your partners verbal and non-verbal cues.

2. Enhances Stretching - Partner Yoga helps to deepen the impact of the yoga posture, without pain.  One persons body weight is used to deepen the pressure on the other person.

3. Improves Alignment, Balance and Posture.

4. Deepens Connection - Partner Yoga isn't always easy.  It requires trust that the other person has your back (literally). The physical and emotional challenges that come up when practicing partner yoga can help to promote a deeper connection to humanity (understanding that we all have to same root fears and that sometimes we just need to lean on someone else for support).

5. Increase FUN - Not all transitions are seamless and you have permission to laugh, giggle, yelp in fear and just have fun in this workshop. Re-connect with your inner child!

When & Where

Location: Costello Yoga and Fitness, Monaghan 

Date:  Sunday the 30th June

Time:  11am - 1:30pm

Price:  €25

Remember you don't have to come with someone, you can pair up with someone in the class

Emma Costelllo

Tel: 087-212-4644