Ardha Chandrasana - Half Moon Pose


  • People with recent hip or knee replacements
  • High Blood Pressure or;
  • Eye Strain (Avoid looking up)
Hints and Tips
  • Using a block can be helpful if you have a stiff back or tight hamstrings.  The block raises the floor to you so you can lift your torso and experience a lighter sense of expansion.
  • Look down for balance and when you feel balanced slowly turn your eyes first followed by your head.

"Ardha Chandrasana means the brilliance of the moon.  The extension of the torsoin one direction and the uplifted leg in the other direction represents the flat edge of a half moon.


The energy on your extended arms and standing leg radiate out like beams in the night sky."

                                                     Jason Crandell

Benefits of Half Moon Pose



  • Builds coordination and balance

  • Teaches us that the journey is more important for self awareness than "nailing" the pose




  • Can ease lower back problems like: sacrum pain, sciatica pain amd lumbar aches.

  • Strenghtens back, legs, hips and abdomen.

  • Stretches groin, hamstrings, claves, shoulders and spine.

  • Increases flexibility of spinal muscles


                   CAN BE HELPFUL FOR:

  • Eases premenstrual pain.

  • Improves digestion

  • Aids Stress Relief

  • Overcoming fatigue

  • Reduces aniexty and depression

"Ardha Chandrasa is great for leraning how to balance and grow awareness in what can at first seem like a disorienting position"


Utthita Trikonasana (Triange Pose) is both the entrance and exit to half moon so you will need to be comfortable with this pose. Check it out here.

Due to the external rotatio of the standing leg, the opening of the chest and lateral extension of the spine. Half Moon is like a balancing version of Triangle Pose

How To: Half Moon

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