Manifest Your Dreams

Yoga and Essential Oil Workshop

           with Emma Costello

Monday the 2nd January 2017

11am - 2pm


This 3 hour workshop is about creating space and clearing out the clutter in your body and life to make space for dreams and desires to manifest in your life.

The Practice:

This vinyasa flow practice will be warming and nourishing to the body. The flow will include Sun Salutations to build fire in the body which helps to stimulate the metabolism. This grounding and creative sequence of twists and gentle inversions will enable us to be more present in our body and breath so we don't lose focus of our hopes and dreams. (We must be rooted and grounded in order to grow and expand.)

What Can I Expect From This Workshop:

Therapeutic grade essential oils will be used throughout the workshop to enhance your experience. 

The workshop will begin with grounding and centering breath-work (pranyama) followed by visualization mediation and mantra to help align the energy in your body to activate and awaken prosperity.

We will then move on to the asana practice of energizing twists and gentle inversions, creating space to invite your dreams and desire into your life.

Finishing the workshop with a deep relaxation, encouraging stillness in the body so you can listen internally enabling you to plug into a sense of awareness so when you come out of the relaxation you will be much more in-tune with what's happening around you, allowing yourself to be open and when you are open you are ready to receive your desires.

This workshop is open to everyone. You will go away feeling, inspired, refreshed and ready to take action.

For more information email Emma: or call: 087 212 4644

Emma Costelllo

Tel: 087-212-4644