Vasisthasana - Side Plank

Vasisthasana is a powerful arm balance and heart opener.

Vasitha translates into "most excellent, best, richest" 

Vasitha is also a much respected yoga sage:

"Vasisthas found himself in a drawn out battle over a wish granting cow named nandini.  Ultimately Vasisthas was a man full of grace and contentment, and even during the battle remained calm and never vengeful.  Side Plank embodies a powerful yet peaceful attitude."

Michelle Itzkowitz

Benefits of Side Plank



  • Increases self esteem

  • Increases confidence

  • Creates a feeling of self empowerment

  • Promotes overall balance of mind and body

  • Calms nervous system

  • Improves nervous system




  • Strengthens and tones the arms, legs, spine, lower back, abdominals and obliques​

  • Opens the heart and chest

  • Improves balance




  • Congestion

Contraindication & Cautions

  • Recovery from serious injury in ankles, wrists or shoulder.



  • If wrists are sore, come down onto your elbow.

  • Think about mountain pose here i.e squeeze inner thighs together, lenghten tailbone, roll shoulder blades back and allow the back of your skull to be in line with the back of your pelvis

Level 1 - 2 

This is an invigorating yoga posture that requires strength, balance and focus.

Vasisthasana is such a versatile pose I love it, it allows us to feel strong and powerful while maintaining a sense of beauty.  It not only builds strengh phyisically through the entire body but it also builds an inner strength and confidence.  And don't worry of you wobble and fall as this encourages us not to take ourselves to seriously and develops our sense of humour.  The phyiscal strength and balance will come with practice and compassion when we take a playful and fun approach to this pose.

Emma Costelllo

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