Garudasana - Eagle Pose

Who Should Be Mindful in Eagle Pose

  • Avoid if you had recent knee, ankle or elbow injuries.
  • Avoid if you are suffering from  plantar fascitis.
  • Be mindful in this pose if you have low blood pressure.
Tips and Hints
  • Bend both knees before you cross them.
  • Breath
  • Be open to falling and not taking yourself to seriously.

"Garuda - often translated as Eagle, its actually a mythical bird called the "King of Birds", considered a magical species... because of their extraordinary ability to fly and fly and fly and never land. They never land because they never get tired and they never get tired because they ride the wind."

                                        Cyndi Lee

Benefits of Eagle Pose

                             ENERGY - MOOD - EMOTIONS
  • Cultivates Confidence.
  • Teaches us to let go of o20ur ego and go with the flow.
  • Stretches the hips, thighs, shoulders and upper back.
  • Strengthens the calves and legs.
  • Releases tension between the shoulder blades and sacrum.
  • Loosens and strenghtens ankles, hips, wrists and shoulders.
  • Improves Balance.
                                     CAN BE HELPFUL FOR:
  • Helps alleviate sciatica and rheumatism.
  • Can be helpful for kidney as well as prostrate disease.

Falling over in Eagle

It can be difficult to breathe and relax in Garudasana when our arms and legs ar all wrapped and tangled up.  But the more we resist and fight it, the more likely we are to tense up, get frustrated and lose our balance.
So instead of resisting we "ride the wind", we asses the situation, open to what is happening and find a way to become stable and steady within that situation without resistance, without fighting it, by staying open to what is going on.
How do we go with the flow without being taken for a ride?  There is a big wobbly, twisty and unstable  quality to Garudasana - if you feel you are going to lose the wrap in your legs and fall over...that's OK, allow the movement to happen and see where it takes you, you may fall over...but you might not! You may lean over to one side and unwrap your arms...No Worrries we don't take ourselves to seriously...Just keep your breathing as even and calm as you can, remain mentally focused and you may well find yourself back in the pose balanced, steady and enjoying yourself, going along without losing your focus or your breath is the most important part of yoga, falling out of balance or losing the wrap of the arms or legs really doesn't matter and we can find a lighter more fun side of ourselves. 

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