Cultivate an Open Heart

Yoga and Essential Oil Workshop

with Emma Costello

This workshop will help to make the connection to yourself with a combination of oils that cultivates an open heart and a quiet mind.  Using oils such as Geranium helps to foster love and trust and Frankincense will help to connect one to their inner wisdom and encourage trust in oneself and others.  A combination of hip, chest and shoulder openers will leave you feeling energised and more spacious from the inside out.

When: Friday 17th Feb 2017

Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Venue: Costello Yoga and Fitness

Cost: €30

The Practice:

This vinyasa flow practice will help to increase circulation and blood flow to your heart, leading you into a beautiful back-bending practice that will allow you to feel energised and light.

We will prepare the body beginning with supported chest and shoulder openers as we progress into Surya Namaskar B to warm the entire body from head to toe as we become more dynamic, moving from the ground up to receive the full expansion of your heart, physical and emotional. Finishing off with grounding yin style poses you bring you safely back to your centre.  This is a practice all about self love and care.

What Can I Expect:

Therapeutic grade essential oils will be used throughout the workshop to enhance your experience. 

The workshop will begin with grounding and centering breath-work (pranyama), cultivating love and appreciation for yourself as you are.

We will then move on to the asana practice of heart opening back-bends increasing flexibility and awareness in your back in turn cultivating a more open mind to how we view the world around us.

Finishing the workshop with a deep relaxation, encouraging stillness in the body so you can listen internally enabling you to plug into a sense of awareness so when you come out of the relaxation you will be much more in-tune with what's happening around you, allowing yourself to be open and loving to yourself and those around you.

This workshop is open to everyone, however a little yoga experience would be helpful.

Emma Costelllo

Tel: 087-212-4644