COVID - 19  Health and Safety

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Since closing the studio door last March and moving to online classes.  I'd like to thank everyone who joined me in the virtual studio..... Don't worry I will continue with the online classes for the foreseeable future.

I am however delighted to be holding some in-person classes this September.  Unfortunately the classes won't be in the studio yet as it's too small, however classes will be held in St.Joseph's Parish Hall in Monaghan and The Ulster Canal Stores in Clones

The following Important Guidelines apply to these live "in-person" classes

  • For now the maximum number of 5 students is allowed

To attend the in-person classes, please note that you must:

  • Book your space in advance - No drop-in at this current time in order to keep contact tracing as accurate as possible.

  • You must bring your own mat, blocks, blankets and or towels as they won't be any available for you to use.

  • Digitally sign the health and safety declaration of your wellness to practice.

  • Observe social distancing at all times.

  • Please wear your mask as you arrive, keep it on until class starts and wear it again as you leave.

Important: We kindly ask that you do not come to class if any of the following apply to you:

  • In the last 14 days you have traveled outside the republic of Ireland.

  • You have symptoms of cough, fever, high temperature, sore throat, runny nose, breathlessness or any other flu-like symptoms NOW or have experienced them in the last 14 days

  • You have been diagnosed or been in close contact with a person confirmed or suspected of Covid-19 infection in the last 14 days.

  • You have been advised by a doctor to self isolate or cocoon at this time.

When Attending Class Please:

  • Arrive dressed and ready for class to minimize non-essential use of toilet facilities.

  • Arrive about 5 - 10 mins before class as your temperature will be taken before class starts.

  • Bring your own mat and any additional props that you like to use (block, strap, water, towel, blanket etc).

  • Keep your mat at least 2 metres apart

  • Use hand sanitizer before and after class

  • Practice social distancing at all times and maintain physical distance from your fellow practitioners.

After Class:

If after attending a class and if ANY of the following happens, please contact Costello Yoga and Fitness Straight away:

  • You develop symptoms of cough, fever, high temp, sore throat, runny nose, breathlessness or any flu-like symptoms.

  • You get diagnosed or are confirmed of Covid-19 infection.

  • You are advised by a doctor to self isolate, or cocoon.

Emma Costelllo

Tel: 087-212-4644