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Whatever stage you are at, there is something to suit everybody.....


Yoga Prices           Drop in: €12                           6 Class Card: €60                       12 Class Card: €100

New to Yoga
Four Week Course   Only €60

New to Yoga is a class designed for complete beginners and yoga students who wish to deepen the foundations of their own yoga practice.​.....



New 6 week block starting


Thursday 10th Jan - 14th Jan 2018 (6 Weeks)

Beginners Yoga

Beginners Yoga is a well rounded class at a slightly slower pace that the beyond beginners.....





Tuesday Morning  10:00- 11:15am

Tuesday Evening  6.30pm - 7.45pm

Thursday Evening 6.30pm - 7.45pm

Friday Morning    10.00am - 11.15am


  Pregnancy Yoga
Suitable from 12 - 40 Weeks

Pregnancy Yoga is a very gentle and calming class, provided in a supportive, welcoming and nuturing environment.  The class includes alot of breathwork to help you physically prepare for labor and to mentally help you deal with undue stress and your ever changing body.....





Classes are ongoing so you can join in at any stage.

Tuesday Evening         8.15pm - 9.30pm

with Jeanette Keenan

Pilates is similar to yoga, in the sense that there is a strong focus on mind body connection, working to strengthen the weaker muscles and lenghen and relax tighter muscles caused mainly by poor posture and repetitive movements.



Starting Saturday the 6th October

9.30am -10.30am

Gentle Yoga 

This Class is designed for older or stiffer people in mind.  The purpose of the class is maintaining strength and agility, improving balance and develop mental focus. 

The class will include simple moves to bring the joints through a full range of movement to develop functional flexibility so that you feel more comfortable getting on the floor to play with you grand children, to feel less stiff when you wake up in the morning. and able to reach up to the top shelf of the press without stress...

Thursday 11:00am - 12:00pm

Mixed Level Vinyasa Yoga

Level One Classes  are on-going yoga classes following the beginner course. Anyone can join in on these classes..... 





Monday Evening           7.15pm - 8.30pm

Wednesday Evening     7.00pm  - 8.15pm

No Evening Classes on Bank Holiday Mondays


Fat Burning Metabolic Resistance Training Class

This is a six week metabolic resistance training class.  MRT simply helps to burn fat and build strength at the same time.....




Next course starts:

Monday 10th Sept - 15th Oct 2018

Monday     5th Nov - 10th Dec 2018

Mum and Baby Yoga 
Suitable from 6 weeks / 10 weeks C-Section

Becoming a new mum can be an exciting and challenging time.  This class is designed to help mothers build back strength and tone in the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.  It also focuses on releasing tension in the shoulders, upper and lower back due to feeding lifting and changing your baby...

Limited Space in this class only room for 8 mum's & your babies.

Next course starts: 

Wednesday 9th Jan - 13th Feb 2019

(You can drop in at any stage just give me a call or email)

Children's Yoga

Children's Yoga is all about FUN FUN FUN.


In yoga for kids we practice yoga asanas (poses) through stories which not only has physical benefits but also helps maintain their creativity and imaginations.  Working with stories in yoga can help promote better oral and listening skills...


6 Week Courses Starting

Thurs 7th Feb - 14th March

Workshop with Niamh Daly:
Balancing Progression & Contentment

In this workshop you will learn how to move better in YOUR Body and in your Yoga practice.

 We all want to progress in yoga and in our personal lives so in the morning workshop you will search for stability within the structure of your body and work as closely as possible to your natural range of motion.  Rather than pushing and pulling like a game of tug of war between the mind/ego wanting to progress quicker and the body not yet ready to go deeper. 

Saturday the 15th Sept 2018

10am - 4:30pm

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