Children's Yoga Classes


Children's Yoga is all about FUN FUN FUN.

In yoga for kids we practice yoga asanas (poses) through stories which not only has physical benefits but also helps maintain their creativity and imaginations.  Working with stories in yoga can help promote better oral and listening skills, they open up channels of communication and helps children to make sense of and learn how to express their feelings, therefore gaining the basic tools that they need to face challenges of growing up.

Some benefits of Children's Yoga:

  • Enhances Concentration - When children learn and practice the poses, they are more able to sit still a little longer focusing on whats important as to opposed to letting their minds wander.  This helps improve their concentration in school and boosts their attention span.

  • Improves General Well-being - Kids who practice yoga regularly feel good about themselves and are generally healthier and happier.  They feel both mentally and physically rejuvenated after a yoga class and this helps to improve their mental and physical health.

  • Increases Flexibility and Balance Children's Yoga helps to improve balance and flexibility and increases muscle tone, helping your child to have a reduced risk of a sprain or fracture if they have an accidental fall.

  • Relaxes and Calms the Mind - Even kids suffer from stress these days.  Children's yoga can help to relax and de-stress them when they feel upset or down.  It helps to soothe their crazy little minds so that they can come back to normal.

  • Boosts Confidence - When children can display great agility and flexibility , it does wonders for their confidence.  As they start to believe in their own abilities it encourages them to face new challenges with a greater sense of self belief.

If you want your children to be smart, tell them stories.  If you want them to be really smart, tell them more stories.  If you want your children to be brilliant tell them even more stories

Albert Einstein

Class Times

Limited spaces available  - Maximum of 8 children per class

Classes aren't currently running

 6 weeks €50 

Emma Costelllo

Tel: 087-212-4644